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Company Overview

LuCruitive is an online platform that is designed to bring brilliant Recruiters together and assist in the sharing of networks and referrals.

We offer a simple and effective way for Talent Acquisition Professionals to greatly expand their Talent Pools with qualified and recommended candidates from other trusted Recruiters.



A referral and recommendation is more often than not the way to really get noticed at the start of a recruitment process. With Online Job postings getting swamped with hundreds of applicants our tool will help you stand out from the crowd.

By accepting a recommendation from one of our trusted users your profile will be put in the spotlight with the hiring team and you will be in pole position to get a role that matches your skills and career aspirations.


The hiring process can be a timely and costly process. Sourcing qualified candidates, assessing skills and cultural fit can be a subjective procedure. With our platform we offer a shortcut to assessed and recommended applicants from trusted Recruitment Professionals.

We offer your recruitment team access to a huge network of talented Recruiters who are able to pass on recommendations and referrals at the touch of a button.


There is no greater satisfaction for a Recruiter than making the right hire and helping a candidate make the right career choice. However, as a Recruiter you can only hire one person into a role and are often left with runners up, who are great candidates, you do not have a position for. Our platform allows you to refer those candidates to a network of other Talent Acquisition Professionals who may have an immediate need for that skillset. Recruiters often pass on recommendations to their network but, with our system, we offer access to a much greater network and a financial reward for those referrals.